Film and Video

Acting Résumé Complete list of everything in which Zoë appeared, as of 1997.
IMDb - Zoë Lund Zoë's entry in the Internet Movie Database
GIA 1997-9 - Script project, interview footage
Dreamland 1994 - Dir. Susi Graf, produced by Franz Harland; supporting role
Hot Ticket 1993 - Short film written and directed by, and starring Zoë at Rotterdam Film Festival
Bad Lieutenant 1992 - Dir. Abel Ferrara, written by and featuring Zoë Lund
Exquisite Corpses 1989 - Dir. Temistocles Lopez; starring Zoë Tamerlaine Lund
Heavy Petting 1989 - Dir. Obie Benz; interviews with numerous notables about their earliest sexual experiences
Richard Hell reading 1988 - Videotape of Richard Hell and Zoë Lund reading his screenplay Meet Theresa Stern.
The Houseguest 1988 - Dir. Franz Harland; starring Zoë Lund
Heaven 1987 - Music video for Bryan Adams song; dir. John Zieman
Miami Vice 1985 - Season 2 opening episode Prodigal Son; guest appearance as Miranda
Special Effects 1984 - Dir. Larry Cohen; Zoë in two roles
Ms.45 1980 - Dir. Abel Ferrara; starring Zoë Tamerlis
Curfew:USA Zoë's primary film project with Edouard De Laurot

The Films of Edouard De Laurot