A minute-and-a-half film written, directed by, and starring Zoë Lund.
She outlined a script/treatment on a scrap of paper;
you can see a scan of the original here.

Part of Scenes from Rotterdam by Mijke de Jong.

During the Rotterdam Film Festival in Feb. 1993, Mijke de Jong invited a number of festival participants to appear in a film she was creating about the festival.
Nicole Brenez (Paris) has written an insightful analysis of Hot Ticket as part of the Special Dossier on Zoë Lund published in Senses of Cinema #22.
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Zoë arrived home from Rotterdam in 1993 very excited about the short film she had made. Upon being requested to participate, she conceived of a story and action sequences, directed the camera operator, and acted out the scene. Her understanding was that it was being produced by the Festival, and was eager to give something back to them for the hospitality and respect they had shown her.

In 1994, Zoë learned that Scenes from Rotterdam had been screened (including her segment), and that her name appeared neither in the credits, nor on a leaflet for the film listing the names of a number of other directors appearing in the film, nor was a photo of Zoë appearing in the leaflet identified. Understandably upset, she wrote a letter to de Jong in Dec. 1996 seeking resolution, and explanation, and a copy of the film. As this was shortly before Zoë left to live in Paris, I don't know if de Jong replied or received it, or even if it was definitely mailed. Zoë never did see the film.

Nicole Brenez wrote:
According to a 2002 interview with de Jong, the only print of the film was lost in transit shortly after its completion. However, a videotape copy has recently surfaced; Zoë Lund's segment was screened in Paris at the Grand Action cinema as part of the 'Festival Balthazar' on 15 March, 2002.