"Dreamland" is an ironic fairy tale about men looking for easy money and women who want to get their hands on it. They inhabit a shadowy world where love is a commodity sold at bargain prices.

The film is an unflinching look at America in decline from a female, European point of view.

Attracted by the material renowned talent of New York's abundant Independent scene enthusiastically collaborated on this funky trip into urban America's charming sleaze.

Ross, the hapless club-owner is played by Eric Mitchell (leading man in previous films by Amos Poe, Jim Jarmusch and Keith Mc Nally). Supporting parts were played by Rockets Redglare (Down by Law), Zoë Lund (Bad Lieutenant), Harsh Nayyar ( Making Mr. Wright). Sharon Lamofsky (Before the Rain) provided a luscious look to the shabby dance hall and Franz Harland (Smithereens) produced.

Note: In a letter written June 17, 1995, Zoë wrote:

I acted a nice cameo (the role of “Caroline”) in a film called “Dreamland”, directed by a German woman named Susi Graf. She’s a friend of Franz Harland (he’s producing the movie), and she said she knew you.

The shoot was quite amusing. My scenes included one where I threw a slimy guy out of my house. I told him off, then got the chance to give him a special sort of Parthian shot: As he walked away, down the sidewalk, I threw a TV out the window, aimed in the general direction of his head. There were four takes. That’s four TV’s. Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! It was therapeutic. Good for the soul.

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