Heavy Petting - 1989
Directed by Obie Benz

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Director Obie Benz and writer Pierce Rafferty spent years combining archival footage and interviews with people including David Byrne, Sandra Bernhard, Allen Ginsburg, Ann Magnuson, Spalding Grey, Laurie Anderson, Abbie Hoffman, William S. Burroughs, and Zoë Lund among others, relating some of their earliest sexual experiences, to create this look at the sexual attitudes pervading American society in the mid-20th Century. Somewhat younger than most of the other participants, Zoë's segment is predictably a bit stranger and atypical.

I obtained a tape of Zoë's complete interview footage, shot about a month after we were married in late 1986, and several excerpts are posted below, giving some insight into the "real" Zoë.

High School & Politics
Zoë was always considered weird, with a social life consisting of "political friends," primarily older men
Dating & Marriage
On the transition from a young Emma Goldman-inspired advocate of "free love" to being "very happily married"

Politics & Sexuality

Zoë describes her "most intense sexual experience" in preparation for a crime also described here