According to numerous mentions in the press, production on this widely-publicized collaboration between Zoë and Edouard DeLaurot was under way. I have not yet retrieved any footage which may exist.
Promethea The origin of the project
Variety 1982 "Ms. 45 Star Tries Her Hand at Screenplay" - Apr. 8, 1982 (omits any mention of underground collaborator Yves deLaurot)
[Pioneer] Valley Advocate - 1983 "Curfew Call" - Article about Curfew:USA, and production activities in MA; plot synopsis and analysis.
Mt. Holyoke 1983 "Film Writer Returns to South Hadley" - Transcript Telegram article
DETAILS May 1984 Curfew:USA is mentioned in these pieces by Stephen Saban
DETAILS Sept. 1984
Cult Movies 2 Danny Peary mentions Curfew:USA in a footnote to his chapter on Ms. 45