The Houseguest - 1988
Produced & Directed by Franz Harland
Screenplay by Judith Marshall & Frederic Lahey
Music by John Cale

Anastas, a wanderer   Bolek Greczynski
Marla, the lady   Zoë Tamerlaine (Lund)
Hubley, her husband   John Cale
A visitor   Judy Niland

The Houseguest - Black and White Mischief
by Sophie Charlin, Senses of Cinema #22, Fall 2002

Location Photos - Nov. 1986
Anastas Marla
Anastas and Marla out strolling
Hubley Paper
Hubley reads his morning paper
Hubley Porch
Hubley returns from fishing
Hubley Vest
Hubley at home
Marla Apron
Marla the housewife
Marla Cap
Marla in her séance garb
Marla Hat
Marla in her walkabout wardrobe
Marla Stairs
Marla at home
Zoe Judy
Marla encounters another visitor