GIA CARANGI (1960-1986) was a top fashion model in the late 1970's, but her career, and eventually her life, were interrupted by heroin addiction. Zoë was approached in 1996 by JJ Martin to write a script for a film about GIA, and submitted a sample monologue in Jan. 1997. When Zoë moved to Paris a month later, I lost track of further developments on this film project.

She did tell me, however, that the producers interviewed her during the next two years in the process of researching the character of GIA. After Zoë's death in 1999, her mother Barbara said that the Martin's had told her they were extremely saddened by her loss, and that they had considerable video footage of Zoë dealing with the life of an addict. I have been trying to contact the Martin's in order to view and possibly acquire this footage for the growing archive of Zoë material, having had no idea what happened to the project.

I recently (Sept. 2002) learned from a review in Variety that since HBO produced a dramatic film about GIA, the Martin's decided to make a documentary instead, entitled "The Self-Destruction of Gia." The review posted below describes Zoë's interview footage in this film very beautifully.

Sample GIA Monologue Submitted by Zoë in Jan. 1997
The GIA Carangi Foundation A foundation created by the producers to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.
VARIETY Review Review of the film with background info.
New York Premiere The Self-Destruction of GIA makes its NYC debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, May 7-11 2003.
Zoë film clip & RL Reaction Zoë's appearance in The Self-Destruction of GIA and some personal thoughts upon viewing the film.
GIA by Fabulous Disaster The theme music used in the film.
The Self-Destruction of Gia Web site for the film.