"Promethea" was the working title of an epic political screenplay begun by Edouard DeLaurot in the 1970s, later changed to "Curfew: USA". Zoë and Edouard worked on this script until shortly after their breakup in 1985. The pair devotedly publicized the ongoing project throughout their relationship in the quest for financing. The button below is one of the means employed.

Zoë continued refining this screenplay, changing its name to "Violent Hope" and later "Free Will & Testament". Portions were read at a Newyorican Poets Cafe event in 1994, and the work has been met with admiration by most readers. The first 1/3 of the work has been published in print in Revue Balthazar No.5 (Spring 2002, in French), and on line in the Fall 2002 issue of Senses of Cinema.
It remains one of her most significant unproduced screenplays.