Edouard De Laurot Film Archive

Catalogue of Selected Positive
by Zoë Lund & Julius Ziz

* first cut * January 13, 1997 *


Abbreviations Used in this Catalogue:

EDL: Edouard De Laurot

(from L.A.): Images are out-takes from "Listen America" - a finished, award-winning film by Edouard De Laurot which treats the 60's Movement.

(from B.L.): Images are out-takes from "Black Liberation" - a finished, award-winning film by Edouard De Laurot which treats the 60's Black Liberation Movement. It was done in collaboration with Malcolm X.

(from S.J.): Images are out-takes from "Sunday Junction" - a film by Edouard De Laurot. The original positive and its only negative were stolen from the trunk of a car. The film was lost forever. All that remains is in this archive: Here, in the first cut selected positive, in the unselected positive, or in the negative.

(more of this elsewhere): More footage of this type may be found on this or other reels of first cut selected positive. Usually, the images are part of the same sequence. If other qualities are held in common, such as characters, or a location, it will generally be so noted.


Sign: "Speed Limit 30 mph" - Steep hill to bridge, many lanes, police on horses.

Boat on water - Little black dog on boat.

LBJ's family - posed for picture - (still)

Poster of LBJ licking closed a joint - pan down to candles - (more of this elsewhere; goes with girl in basket; fire).

Black woman standing face to face with a cop, at demonstration; her hands are gently holding cop's face.

Columbia University crowd of demonstrators - (quick).

LBJ talking - poster of LBJ with elderly woman - Sign: "Health" is above poster.

Bonfire - demonstrators burning wood, including long plank with: "Police Line Do Not Cross" - at night.

Woman sitting indoors, eating flower - (quick; more of this elsewhere)

The two gas station guys moving about by road - 50's - less involved "dancing" than in other takes - arresting CU of the guys' faces - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere)

Machine-gun POV on firing range - (from L.A.)

Three men in boat, moving through reeds, with lamp, as if searching for something, or trying to move silently - at night.

Sun rising over hill and forest; bare, twiggy bush in foreground.

Crowd of nudists, gathered in picnic area - 50's - (from S.J.) - (quick; more of this elsewhere)

"Revolving Door" sequence (from L.A.) - quick moment of general sequence and cast - rest features the cop trying to rape the girl; her garter belt showing, writhing on floor - slow motion

Hands typing at machine - Sending message? A kind of communications device?

Army vehicle: "Military Police"; two soldiers.

Monk wandering through Central Park.

Fire in oil field; thick stream of smoke rising into sky from fire.

Alligator crawling across ground.

High-heeled woman's feet and lower legs - walking down city street - stops at dead rat - she turns and walks away.

Trash in street - (same street as above)

Shoe'd man's feet and lower legs walking down city street - he approaches pile of trash - avoids it, moves on.

Big fire in small village - (quick)

Long view of Brooklyn Bridge - traffic and police - demonstration - (more of this elsewhere)

Wide angle lens of large crowd of demonstrators in Central Park - normal lens on same - forefield of band shell, full of people - vast crowd.

People reading information posted on wall - at same location as above, during same demonstration.

Silhouette of naked, Black woman (from B.L.), maybe on beach, very striking.

Woman screaming as she is being throttled from behind by police baton, which is held across her throat.

Police vs. demonstrators - lines of each, confronting one another.

Our soldiers, armed, in camouflage foliage, walking through woods.

Our soldiers, armed, in camouflage foliage, walking along ridge - in silhouette.

Three American soldiers and Vietnamese prisoner - two push third soldier to kill prisoner who already lies on the ground - soldier resists - the other two laugh at him - they have very ugly, stupid faces.

Our soldier hiding behind bush beside road - spying on action - a car passes by.

Row of tanks - pullback, revealing cemetery across street, in foreground - cars pass by on road, between tanks and cemetery - zoom in and out between tanks and cemetery.

Small fires in total darkness of night.

Naked white guy in shades behind shrubbery - spying on naked couple: Black man and white woman - pair is talking, hanging out - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere).

The gas station - 50's - the two attendants are cleaning windows (seen from outside car), talking to customers - it would seem they are telling them what might need fixing in their cars - possibly hustling - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere)

Ski lift - pan down wire (don't know what it is at this point) - reveal it's ski lift car with couple riding in it - car passes and continues down hill - (possibly from S.J., in which case 50's) - (more of this elsewhere)

Diner - 50's - crew-cut guy sitting in window booth with girl - he stares into space - finally begins to speak - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere)

Naked girl sitting in basket - fire burns in foreground - pan over to small American flag - (more of this elsewhere; including poster of LBJ licking closed a joint)

Bearded guy, kind of winks at camera - (possibly from L.A. "this one, that one" sequence?)

Mark Rudd? - with walkie-talkie - pointing - the famous shot - (possibly from L.A. "this one that one" sequence?) - (still)

Highways - aerial shot - nice organic, curved shape - (from S.J.?).

Bridge - 50's - aerial shot - fantastic angles - from top of bridge - traffic - very impressive, dizzying shots - (from S.J.).

Columbia University - students lying on their backs in row on ground - at night - to sleep, or a "lie-in" of some sort?

Empty drive-in movie theatre - 50's - rows of little sound machines - empty, white screen - (from S.J.).

Machine-gun POV on water, piers - (from L.A.) - city, skyscrapers, buildings - in and out of focus - (lots more of this elsewhere)

World's fair globe - naked woman in foreground, in silhouette - she leans backwards, holds this posture - (more of this elsewhere; in other takes girl in running back and forth in distance, behind globe, also in silhouette.)

Nixon and LBJ (?) - Sign: "American Veterans of WW2" - CU of Nixon talking.

Very damaged American flag waving in front of stone cross, probably a grave.

LBJ riding by on horseback.

CU of mannequin with dramatic face, lit starkly, at night, and looking like a real woman - pullback, revealing that she is mannequin standing in shop window display, surrounded by four or five Santa Clauses.

EDL naked with South American or African tribesman, speaking, clowning, comparing bodies - Jessica standing in crowd of tribes people, merry mood, she raises her dress, revealing her naked body - tribes people laugh and wonder at her red (or shaved?) pubic hair - amazing stuff.

Guy with boat.

Fairly close shot of (probably naked) girl in cowboy hat.

CU woman, pan over to another woman's face - both have a serious look about them.

Guy in pointy hat with emblem on it turns to face camera - above him, against sky, dozens of balloons have been attached to long wire or string which continues into distance - a festival of some sort?

CU of guy in campaign-type hat.

CU of a Black man and a blond woman - both face away from camera, then turn to look into lens - very serious look about them.

Microphones in front of Kennedy poster - (more of this elsewhere; belongs with the series of naked girls in various character-hats who make speeches at same podium.)

Naked woman lying on her back - "LOVE" is painted on her belly - she rolls her stomach muscles, "LOVE" moves in bizarre fashion.

Couple jumping together on trampoline - 50's - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere - though it's large group of people, not just couple jumping)

CU of woman's painted face - kind of sad - zoom into very tight CU.

Gas station - 50's - view of window-washing from inside the car - (from S.J.) - (more of this sequence elsewhere.)

Phony rocket display in store - "Cashier" sign - (probably from S.J., in which case 50's).

City street with demonstration going on.

Diner - 50's - crew-cut guy sitting in window booth with girl, staring into space - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Group of hippies outside, talking amongst themselves - they suddenly stand up and run away.

CU of naked, body-painted girl - pullback, she is dancing wildly with lots of hair - strobe light going on and off.

Black man leaving house - someone inside house puts baton across his throat and pulls him back inside - (probably from B.L.).

Motorcycle cops on highway bridge - helicopter above - heading for the city.


Wooden wheel rolling in darkness - naked woman passes by in foreground.

Naked man and woman strike series of "hieratic" poses.

Body-painted woman with flag, waving it, dancing - a fire in the background.

Body-painted woman wrapped in transparent plastic-wrap - praying - dancing - swirling the plastic round and round in wind - (more of this elsewhere).

"LOVE" painted across naked breasts - pullback, the nude woman is holding a gun.

Naked, body-painted woman lying on her back - another naked, body-painted woman lying on her back, shot from above head, thus face and eyes are upside-down - something is being put into her mouth, probably drugs - naked woman lying on back being body-painted - Nixon is on TV in background - (more of this elsewhere; that is, the series of naked women lying on their backs, shot from above the head, thus eyes, face and body are seen upside-down giving bizarre effect).

An intense face seen looking out from between two poles, or other obstructions - (quick).

Naked, body-painted woman - peace-sign poster - naked body-painted woman with little, black dog.

Pan over floor, following discarded items - shoes, then weapons - until we find small circle of men and women sitting on floor, talking.

Landscape, naked woman in foreground - (can't remember, but perhaps same as beach with exotic bush and naked woman in shadows in front, in which case more is elsewhere).

Statue - pullback to Columbia University crowd surrounding the pigeon-shitted monument.

Dumb teacher at blackboard trying to explain something - (possibly from propaganda or informational film).

Columbia University protesters kissing.

World's Fair globe turning - naked woman walking back and forth behind it - in silhouette - (more of this elsewhere; including material with naked girl in foreground silhouette, leaning backwards.)

Various recognizable types - beginning with pair of businessmen - then diverse group, seemingly opposed politically, yet they all wear gas-masks, and seem to be communicating with sign-language, wheeling-dealing - city in background - (from L.A.)

Police and crowds of demonstrators - near Brooklyn Bridge - (more of this elsewhere).

Various city folk passing by.

"V" fingers held aloft.

Banners waving - shot from below - striking angle.

Soldier's shadow rises, carrying sub-machine gun.

Machine-gun POV over graveyard - then over Statue of Liberty - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Slumscape - ruined buildings, rubble-filled empty lots.

Demonstration in Washington Square - one of our people is watching the demonstrators, speaking discretely into walkie-talkie.

Marching protesters, through slumscape - poster held aloft: "Votes are not Voices", etc. (from L.A.) - then signs are turned around, revealing that their backs all show only illustration of machine-gun - the group enters cave-like hole in wall of abandoned building, evidently their HQ.

Group of men at table - on cue, they leave table and exit, fireman-like, maybe real firemen.

Woman's face in CU.

Flag waving and tall skyscraper, shot from extreme low angle - very dramatic.

Graffiti on wall: "I Rebel (Therefore I Am?)"

Demonstrators parading down Fifth Avenue, Bread & Puppet theater's triple life-size creatures look wild - creatures' blind-folds are exact width of Guggenheim's stripes - looks like the evil spirit of the Art World, of some such.

Applauding hands above crowd.

Bowling alley - 50's - interesting angle - all the lanes with balls rolling - (from S.J.).

Man dusting off a large globe.

Man at CB radio - then another radio operator - seems to be in a mobile unit.

River, piers.

Highway, viewed from bridge - 50's - oncoming traffic - straight highway seen clearly stretching into far distance - (from S.J.).

Police and rioters lined up in front of an imposing building.

Naked, body-painted women - a leg, a face - various reclining naked, body-painted women.

Various faces of naked, body-painted women - someone paints a nude leg, very beautifully.

Naked, body-painted woman standing beside what seems to be nets - naked, body-painted woman dancing while wrapped in transparent plastic - (more of the last shot elsewhere.)

Naked, body-painted woman in LBJ mask and Texan hat, standing at microphone, making speech as LBJ - naked, body-painted women wearing LBJ and Kennedy masks - reclining naked body-painted woman.

Students, apparently, gathered in room - man speaking to them informally is well-received.

Naked, body-painted woman reclining - another one dancing with lots of hair - (more elsewhere of last shot.)

Poster of LBJ being sworn in, Jackie nearby - RFK talking - Same poster of LBJ being sworn in, live guy standing in front of poster, possibly trying to look like journalist among others in poster.

Naked, body-painted woman dancing wildly with lots of hair - (more of this elsewhere) - pan over to poster of LBJ being sworn in (no live guy standing in front) - RFK talking - "wanted" face, front and profile views, possibly Sirhan Sirhan.

Our people with walkie-talkies, standing amidst crowd of demonstrators, reporting on developments - tape-recorder on step, recording.

River, piers.

Highway at night, oncoming traffic - 50's - (from S.J.).


Slumscape - gun is thrown out of window.

Microphones - pullback revealing naked, body-painted women at dais - Kennedy and other mainstream candidate political posters are in background - women are dressed as recognizable characters, hard hat, etc. - wear some costumes, hats, and so on, but are naked - sequence of series of naked women, each making speech - several takes.

Columbia University - at night - at night - lights, soldiers in street.

Naked, body-painted woman at same dais - across her chest and belly is painted: "Nixon is the One".

EDL celebrating with cast of L.A. "Revolving Door Sequence", at location - he raises arms triumphantly - does back somersault down stairs.

Detritus by shore.

Three women, two putting firecracker into third one's mouth - bridge lights in background - at night - struggling - woman victim is blindfolded.

Naked woman seated, moving slowly, seems frightened, surprised, as if listening to something.

Girl and boy under piano - boy has tied-up the little girl - as if mimicking torture.

Same girl and boy playing with toy soldiers - at table.

Man walking down NY City street - series of large poster-advertisements line sidewalk.

Nice, white wall with shadows and interesting depressions.

EDL speaking in CU, with Potemkin poster in background.

"Living Theatre" - Near-nude, on-stage group, featuring Julian Beck and Judith Malina (?) - Series of CU's of couple.

Naked woman with machine-gun, smoking cigar.

Naked woman wearing only a bandoleer of bullets across chest.

"Living Theatre" - same scene as above, near-naked on-stage - features Beck and Malina smooching.

Naked, body-painted men and women - woman painted with word, "LOVE", all this intercut with more "Living Theatre" material from same event - series of faces in CU of naked, body-painted women, then Beck et al jumping up and down, waving their arms, slowly dancing - various interesting CU's.

Praying Vietnamese - Ho Chi Minh arriving, soldiers around him - Vietnamese children gather.

American soldiers in silhouette.

Raised fist seen above crowd, belonging to running figure which is OFF.

Paris 1968 street action - barricades, soldiers, crowds of students and flics (CRS) face off, march on one another, hurling bricks, hurling tear gas, firing - shot from street-level and from rooftops - lots of smoke - (more of this elsewhere.)

Gas station at night - 50's - rows of pumps, signs - (from S.J.) - (more of this sequence elsewhere).

Near highway - 50's - Billboards: "American Women Make the World's Best Coffee" - at night - an illuminated sign: "American Shops" - (from S.J.).

"Adventure Car Hop" - 50's - a drive-in restaurant - super-nostalgic - wide shot of whole place - (from S.J.).

Car is served at the "Adventure Car Hop" by uniformed waitress - 50's - food brought to car window - (from S.J.).

People jumping on trampolines - 50's - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere; though only a couple is jumping.)

Cars on highway - 50's - nighttime - dramatic, fairly empty - (from S.J.).

Snowy highway - 50's - (from S.J.).

Man shows woman how to use a gun.

On TV in background: "Are You Dying For A Smoke?" - in foreground, silhouette of soldier.

Man's bloody face - (quick).

License plate.

Statue of predatory eagle - pan down, Asian woman is standing beneath it - (probably from B.L., wherein same statue is used with very young Black soldier beneath it, and also with quick zooms in and out accompanied by the Pete Seeger VO: "A bunch of bastards are making the US hated around the world.").

US Army vehicle with official numbers - beer bottle is left under tire, ready to puncture it.

High-ranking police officer on telephone, at desk, large map behind him - he is reading something aloud into phone, reporting.

Hallway - Sign above entrance to corridor: "Through These Corridors Pass the Best Infantrymen in the World" - pair of soldiers pass by, under sign, and on down hallway.

Army vehicle.

EDL in bear coat, standing on rock in Central Park, talking into camera - (quick).

Smoke - two naked, body-painted women sit back to back in middle of smoke.

Burning draft-cards held aloft - at night.

Jean Genet sitting among African children - they give him flowers - lots of affection.

Naked woman emerges from sea, walks by covered with seaweed.

Naked, body-painted woman with gold ornaments on her head.

Naked, body-painted woman in basket, seated - pan over to American flag - (more of this elsewhere; goes with the fire in foreground, etc.)

Narrow alley seen from rooftops - dramatic angle.

Naked, body-painted woman lying on back, seen from above, by head, thus her eyes are looking upside-down into camera - she is injected in the breast - (from L.A. "orgy" sequence) - (more of this elsewhere).

Bufferin commercial, very short: Hand pulls tissue out of box - painted woman's face with tissue to nose - thermometer in glass - "Rest, Keep Warm, Drink Liquids" - "Bufferin" - (more of this elsewhere).

"Revolutionary Celebrity" arrives at airport - he raises sub-machine gun above his head, is triumphant - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere).


A man, very upset, his clothes half-undone, holding head, wringing hands, hysterical - outdoors - (one has the feeling this character is part of sequence including the next two characters. Perhaps all three men are facing execution by firing squad, each in his own way. Three different forms of anguish.)

A bearded man bends over, holding his head, revealing deep recent scar on his balding scalp - he appears to be in great anguish - outdoors - (probably goes with above and following).

A man covers his eyes with his hand and prays, or counts - outdoors - (Probably goes with above).

A crew-cut man is having his head bandaged by a soldier, other soldiers in background - outdoors - (this may or may not have to do with the above three characters.)

Police beating woman - in nighttime darkness - pair struggles - whirling around - then, shouting, held from behind, a baton across her throat, she is dragged away backwards, into darkness.

Huge fire - probably gas or oil - wroiling flames in the total darkness.

"Revolutionary Celebrity" walks down ramp, off Pan Am jet - is greeted by press, is photographed - answers many questions from interviewers - press jostles for scoop - he poses with sub-machine gun raised in the air, above his head - (several takes of this sequence) - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Body-painted breasts, beads dangling over them, seen in profile CU - pullback, we see that the naked woman rides in a helicopter - she is looking out window - cityscape below.

Machine gun POV - of city - of individuals on crowded city streets (quick) - of river and piers - of Statue of Liberty - of skyscrapers - of industrial areas - of highways - of bridges - of intersecting highway ramps that form interesting patterns - of city rooftops, rich neighborhoods, poor neighborhoods - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere.)

Flash of light into camera - then, we see is comes from hand mirror - mirror descends - revealing naked, body-painted woman's face - woman brings mirror down over her body - follow, until it mirror is above her pubic hair - then woman raises mirror, plays with it over her face, body, and so on.

Spotlight ranges through crowd, as if searching for someone (shot in disco?) - it finds faces, people, various, scanning the darkness.

Empty, labeled delegate chairs at convention - (from L.A.) - (quick).

Tank - then another military vehicle which appears to be under a net.


Aerial shots of bombing and desolation - (quick) - (more of this elsewhere).

House explodes - (more of this elsewhere).

Torture of Vietnamese man - he is held down by American soldiers - (more of this elsewhere; part of bullet-eating sequence).

Big urban fire - aerial shot - seen from street-level - fire trucks - burning building - pouring water on fire - smoke - at night - (possibly part of urban riots; Watts, or similar)

Cop searching trunk of car - at night - a couple of bottles of whiskey in trunk - more whiskey bottles lined up on curb - cops interrogating driver, a Black man - he is led off in cuffs, then appears to be freed - (this may be a documentary sequence; possibly from same "riot" context as fire, above).

Black man on stretcher is lifted into ambulance by two white policemen - at night - (same riot context).

American soldiers training in field - firing weapons and explosive devices, grenades, at targets - various army vehicles.

Tank with big cannon, pointed at sky - group of soldiers gathered around and on tank - posing triumphantly.

Tighter shots on training American soldiers - various army paraphernalia.

Authentic battle footage.

Soldier in foliage camouflage - young man on ground (prisoner? soldier playing role of prisoner?)

CU of little boy, Black, already a soldier - wearing helmet and uniform - expression unsure.

Soldier leaps out of tree, through air, lands on back of another soldier - training.

Soldiers wrastling in sand.

Whole field of boy soldiers tackling one another in various combinations - must be a military academy - (probably much of above comes from academy, too.)

A row of boy soldiers in uniform, arranged by height - pan from smallest, a very little boy, to somewhat taller, older boys, all the way to near-adult soldiers, and finally, to a disgusted-looking, uniformed Black man, probably in charge of these exercises.

Hand-cuffed hands playing flute.

Cop with truncheon beating down on woman - from woman's POV - her raised, handcuffed hands - more beating - she struggles, we see her feet kicking from what would be her own POV - then, cop is handcuffed, though still holding club - he raises handcuffed hands, holding club, in air - then, he beats woman, though his hands are cuffed - trees in background.

Bufferin commercial - thermometer in glass of water - CU of watch, something is being timed (efficacy of drug) - words, "For Tension Headaches" - smiling woman (same who is sufferer in other footage) - (more of this elsewhere).

Pan slowly down block of lower middle-class row houses with little yards - (from B.L.).

CU of long-haired guy.

Manhole worker emerges filthy from hole.

Monk standing on pier - turns to speak to the camera.

Bearded guy turns back of head to camera, shows bandaged wound - (other "head wound" shots elsewhere.)

Sailor comes out from below decks of boat - through circular portal.

Pair of businessmen, carrying briefcases - in city street - are both wearing gas masks - communicate with their hands - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Naked woman posing - attitude is probably a satire - looking flirtatious, etc.

Nudists on the beach - 50's - (from S.R.).

Nudists surround a special group of nudists who are on a raises platform in the middle of recreation area - 50's - it seems to be a family group - perhaps "best nudist family" or some such - kids are being crowned by other nudists - an adult is given a sort of plaque - it's a bizarre ceremony - (from S.J.).

Beachscape with strange bush in foreground, sun coming up - 50's - naked woman obscured by shadows in extreme foreground - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Various nudists in CU - 50's - (from S.J.).

Same beachscape as above - naked woman visible in shadows in foreground - 50's - (from S.J.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Various CU's of nudists & naked women - 50's - a vapid blonde talking - a naked, meditating, Asian woman, cross-legged - and others - (from S.J.).

Various American faces, mostly of nudists & naked women - 50's - most of them are speaking into the camera or to other people (usually OFF) - generally very artificial, very American - a bunch of all-American girls - (from S.J.).

Woman in gown, reading aloud from book, stained-glass behind her head (perhaps a church, perhaps a poetry reading in public) - series of other young women, most of them talking - featuring a blonde and an animated brunette (probably naked) - most appear to be nude - (probably 50's, probably from S.J.).

Middle-aged Black man, seated, wearing suit - very dignified.

Various portraits of young women - 50's - mostly naked - all talking - (from S.J.).

Trio of two naked women and one naked, Black man - 50's - they are talking together, hanging out - naked, white guy in shades is spying on the trio from behind some tall shrubbery, perhaps taking pictures - obviously enjoying what he sees - Black man walks toward camera, covering his genitals with a piece of paper - then he appears again, this time naked and not hiding himself, joining naked group sitting on grass: The two naked, white women, and the guy with shades - Black man waves "hello", the other wave back - now the four of them are hanging out together - (from S.J.) - (these same "characters" appear elsewhere in "nudist" footage).

Two titsy, naked women and one tall, naked man - 50's - he stand just behind and between them - he raises his arm in fascist salute - his hand, palm down, is just above one of the women's head - "Naked Nazis" - (from S.J.).

Sign outdoors: "Observe Nudist Decency: Fight Communism" - 50's - several female nudists, their asses to the camera, have gathered to read the sign - (from S.J.).

Various portraits of nudists' faces - 50's - series of CU's of young women - various pairs and small groups - the naked, Black man wanders through the crowd, seemingly alone, and apparently the only Black man among the nudists - his presence is humorous, bizarre, poignant, and subversive at once - (from S.J.) - (same naked, Black man appears elsewhere, in other "nudist" footage, above.)


Astronaut - weightless - (from L.A.) - Earth in background - quick shot of space capsule itself - (more of this elsewhere).

Vietnamese man being tortured by American soldiers - on beach that looks like it could be rice paddies - a raft-prison floats nearby - Vietnamese man stands with hanging head, in silhouette - (more of this elsewhere; climaxes with him being fed bullets.)

African woman breast feeds her baby - another woman offers her a bottle of Coca-Cola instead, opens it for her - (more of this elsewhere, I think, where baby is actually given the Coke bottle).

EDL, in profile, driving and speaking.

EDL in camouflage foliage, no shirt, aims sub-machine gun.

World's Fair globe - naked woman walking behind it in silhouette - (more of this elsewhere, including shots of woman in foreground)

Soldiers guarding building - people in field in front of building.

Soldiers in helmets, riot-ready, getting out of back of vehicle - at night.

Highway, POV moving car - 50's - traffic jam, then smooth sailing - (from S.J.).

Gas station guys dozing, leaning against car and pump - 50's - then they do a little bit of their dance - (from S.J.) - (more of this sequence elsewhere.)

Soldiers and kids with tank on embankment by highway.

Old man, in CU, talking about oil derricks which are in field in background - at night.

Man taking guns out of rack, selecting bullets, loading guns.

Seen through fence, a military academy - boys lined-up, adult soldiers running show.

Soldier walking on beach, dragging rifle, making "line in the sand".

Soldiers pass by, then wrestle on ground.

Bushes on hill, in silhouette, with dramatic sky - zooms in and out - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere)

Demonstration at Brooklyn Bridge - mounted police and crowd - (more of this elsewhere).

Highway at night - 50's - (from S.J.).

Face of a soldier, his eyes just visible under helmet - then image goes out of focus, intentionally.

Woman sits up slowly, makes to vomit.

Man and woman in car, parked, making out - she demurs - 50's - (who is actor? was he featured in Cassavettes "Shadows"?) - (from S.J.).

Official motorcade arrives - soldiers, security - it's LBJ.

Earth seen from space - astronaut weightless, floating - various shots - tumbling - near, far - his rope gets tangled and he loses his gloves - they remain in foreground, he sails off into distance - (more of this elsewhere).

Sailboat approaching - row boat pulls up alongside.


Asian soldier - taking off hat, or putting on? (film is backwards) - or is he dying? - (more of this elsewhere if it goes with the beach torture scene, eating bullets, etc.)

People walking about - seen through fence.

Vietnamese man being tortured on beach - sudden CU of other Asian man watching - American soldiers hold Vietnamese man on the ground, he struggles - they put his face in bucket of water, hold him under water - (more of this elsewhere; goes with eating bullets and other material).

Cemetery with American flags on graves - man mowing lawn around graves - family at grave, little kids - pullback, garbage can says: "Waste".

Cows in field.

Poster of naked woman - it waves in wind - (quick).

New York City street - at night - neon sign, "Pepsi".

Columbia University - demonstrators inside building helping a Black cleaning woman climb out window of occupied building.

Car on hook, hanging from crane in junkyard - crazy angles - very dramatic, vertiginous - then shot of operator of crane.

Indian totem poles - pan up and down.

Picnic fields - American bourgeoisie at play - 50's - card table shot from above - (from S.J.).

Authentic first moon landing footage (on TV) - astronaut on moon, caption: "First Live Picture From Moon", then "First Steps on Moon".

Highway at night - 50's - (from S.J.).

Telephone booth, empty - (from B.L. nuclear sequence?).

Actual atomic blast, mushroom cloud - (from B.L. nuclear sequence).

Derricks, oil field - explosion - (from B.L. nuclear sequence?).

House explodes, in dessert - shots of surrounding desolation - (from B.L. nuclear sequence?).

Tower with flags waving - extreme low angle, dramatic.

Various explosions - shots of devastation - (from B.L. nuclear sequence?).

Little kid alone in room, hiding - various dead bodies - (from B.L. nuclear sequence?).

Man in window with woman whom one realizes is a mannequin - looking outside.

Soldiers landing on beach - amphibious transport pulls up onto beach, lets out soldiers - (from B.L. WW3 sequence).

Paratroopers fill the sky - (from B.L. WW3 sequence).

Actual atomic blast - (from B.L. nuclear sequence).

Strange soldier kneeling - he wears mask - of someone, I think (creepy, idiot face), but it could possibly be protective gear - very sinister.

Naked people (nudists?) in field - (probably from S.J., thus 50's).

Sailor straddling cannon on boat - weird and phallic.

Sign: "Bathing Suits Prohibited" - 50's - nude beach - two nude women - (from S.J.).

Nudists emerge from pond - 50's - two American women, three Mexican young men - (from S.J.).

One of the Mexican young men, naked, sees that a gun is aimed at him (OFF) - raises hands in fear - is shot, falls to ground - 50's - (from S.J.).

One of the naked women leans her hand against a tree - under arm of leaning woman, we see another naked woman in mid-distance - this second naked woman, unselfconscious, rubs her ass which is turned to camera - 50's - (from S.J.).

Naked man looks at naked woman walking on rocks by pond - 50's - (from S.J.) - (same pond as above. The four shots/series of shots listed here form a strange little sequence.)

Crowd of nudists - various pairs of nudists, talking - 50's - (from S.J.).

Line of nudists being photographed by group of other nudists - 50's - (from S.J.).

Soldiers in foliage camouflage - melee (training?).

Moon in background - astronaut floating weightless in space - moon seen from space capsule window - (more of this elsewhere.)

Machine gun POV - on city - on industrial area - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Rifles passing by.

Fascist American family watches TV - they go to their window, peering outside, all armed with pistols - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere).

Fascist father (same as above) speaking into camera - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere).


Speaker on wall - student-type standing beneath speaker, listening.

Little girl in curlers practicing baseball batting.

Cameraman shooting

We come down from aerial (helicopter?) POV, toward rooftop, to land - (goes with next shot.)

EDL standing on same rooftop as above - pointing to cityscape, speaking to others.


Bushes on crest of hill - in silhouette - dramatic sky - zooms in and out -(from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere.)

Machine gun POV - in and out of focus - on train and tracks - (from L.A.) - (more of this elsewhere.)

Naked woman - pan up her back - she turns, faces camera, is wearing gas mask.

Paris 1968 street action - shot at street-level and from rooftops - bonfire - flics CRS - rioting - waves of demonstrators and police - both sides throwing paves, tear gas, and other objects - (more of this elsewhere).

Brick wall - naked little girl, blindfolded, stands against wall, awaiting execution - bullet holes in wall surround her head - then another girl standing against wall, same set-up - then first girl against wall, second girl already shot, lies on ground at first girl's feet - really striking and disturbing.

Bearded guy in car rolls up window - his eyes straight ahead.

Naked, body-painted woman, "love" painted on her breasts - various shots of other naked, body-painted women.

Actual statue of liberty (super-quick insert) - naked, body-painted woman wrapped in transparent plastic raising "torch" like Statue of Liberty - then dancing in wind while in plastic wrap - (more of this elsewhere).

Naked, body-painted woman waves American flag, Mao poster behind - LBJ poster: He's licking closed a joint.

CU breasts painted with broken dollar bill, split between breasts.

Naked, body-painted man - ("orgy" scene from L.A., various out-takes) - (more of this elsewhere).

Naked, body-painted woman staring transfixed at mobile dangling overhead.

Woman in white gown chanting "love" while strolling through field - (from L.A.).

Woman eating flower - (more of this elsewhere).

Jessica naked and body-painted, wearing enormous hat.

Mutual body-painting.

Various naked, body-painted men and women spinning upside-down while hanging from a rope.

Naked, body-painted man playing the drums - (from L.A. "orgy" sequence).

Group "orgy" (from L.A.), everyone naked and body-painted - (more of this elsewhere).

Naked, body-painted woman being shot-up in her breast - (from L.A. "orgy" sequence) - (more of this elsewhere).

Coke lines in mirror, face reflected, woman does the lines - (from L.A. "orgy" sequence.)

Naked, body-painted woman with drug pipe - (from L.A. "orgy" sequence).