May 18, 1990

I am Tamara - the blond who was with Yves Edouard at the Festival on the Lido ten years ago. You and your friend the musician slept in our panier a salade. We were a Vox, and then Lizzani took away our microphones. Remember?

He is in danger. The threat has terribly banal proportions, yet, as with much that is banal, it can quickly turn lethal.

As always, it comes from inside him. However, now, it also comes from outside. It does not involve any obvious powers that be. It does involve a particular personage who has lethal intent. Due to the "banality" of the situation, those who help Edouard will risk nothing and will suffer no consequences. Yet, the reward is great: Edouard a free man.

He needs to be liberated from a constricting situation. Once this is done, he needs desperately to be reminded of who he is. You see, under the influence of a nefarious force, he has forgotten. I write to you because I know that you could stimulate his memory more expertly than anyone.

I am also entirely aware that you may be entirely incapable of coming here/helping him. I accept that. I understand that.

I hope you know the respect and love that Edouard has for you. I'm sure he still feels that way despite the efforts of the "particular personage".

I am willing to do whatever is necessary to facilitate your helping him/coming here.


Logos Films
9 East Tenth Street #3R
New York, NY 10003

Love to You All,

T, R, - and E.