We had a Wedding Party at our 9 East 10th St. apartment some time in November, 1986. Many friends attended, but whoever took these photos seemed to focus primarily on the cake and couple.
These images were scanned from an old set of negatives I found in storage in 2005.

02-two-women 03-RHell_guy 04-Spacely_Jade 05-woman_baby 06-Z-Tom 07-RL-Z
09-Z-RL-kiss2 10-two_guys 11-Z-R-cake 12-Z-R-cake 13-Z-R-cake 14-Z-R-cake
15-Z-R-cake 16-Z-R-postcake 17-Z-R-postcake 18-Z-R-postcake 19-Z-R-cake 20-Z-R-cake
21-Z-R-cake 22-Z-R-cake 24-Z-RL-kiss 25-Z-RL-kiss 27-Z-RL 28-cake
29-friend 30-RL 31-Z-RL 32-Z_cards 33-YDL-Z