Special Effects - Description

Based on a screenplay entitled "The Cutting Room"
written for Alfred Hitchcock in the mid-1960s.

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A runaway Southern housewife (Zoë) is discovered dancing for money in a NYC replica of The Oval Office by her husband. The ensuing chase leads her to the studio of a megalomaniacal movie director (Eric Bogosian) who lures her to his bed, where he intends to film their action with a hidden camera. When she discovers his ruse, her murders her. Obsessed with the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination, he decides to find a double and make a film about the murder, casting the dead woman's clueless husband (Brad Rijn) as the patsy, and include the footage of the actual murder.

Searching for his dead wife's belongings at The Salvation Army, hubby finds a bespectacled clerk (also played by Zoë), who is brought to the director and "made over" to resemble the dead woman. The director can't help but try to kill her as well, and she has to fight for her life, eventually going home with the husband to play the part of the deceased wife and mommy (without even telling the kids!).

NB: The voice of the first role was dubbed in for the release, as Zoë wasn't able to replicate a plausible Southern accent.