Ms. 45 - Press

Press Highlights Compiled by Zoë, 1997
Retribution and Liberation By Ron Pettersson, in Senses of Cinema #22, Fall 2002
Montreal Mirror, 2001 Abel Ferrara discusses Ms.45 in this Sept. 2001 interview.
Men * Women * and Chainsaws, 1993 Carol J. Clover's book discusses Ms. 45 in a psychological analysis of the effect of horror films.
Faces of the Future - Ferrara/Tamerlis Myron Meisel discusses Ms. 45 in the 1983 Virgin Film Year Book
"Cult Movies 2" Chapter of Cult Movies 2 by Danny Peary (3-1/2 pgs.)
The Daily Times (Westchester), 1981 An article on the newly-famous hometown girl Ms. 45, with many details of Zoë's early life. The secrecy shrouding Z's life with Edouard is evident in her included remarks.
L.A. Herald Examiner "This little beauty grabs you by the throat", Nov. 16, 1981