Bad Lieutenant - Press

Press Highlights Compiled by Zoë, 1997
Bad Lt. - Everyday Christ By Ron Pettersson, in Senses of Cinema #22, Fall 2002
Corruption Flick video flick pick
Bad Lt's Big Bold Graffiti
Camera Obscura #3, Apr. 1993
Interview during the 1993 Rotterdam Film Festival
The Austin Chronicle by Marjorie Baumgarten (2/12/93)
Roger Ebert review Chicago Sun Times (1/22/93)
Vice Squad (interview)
Filmmaker - Winter 1992
Scott Macaulay talks with Abel Ferrara, Zoë Lund, and Paul Cohen about Bad Lieutenant
James Berardinelli review Online film critic
Cannes 1992 Press Conf. -
Time Out (UK)
A scathing report on a press confernce with Zoë, Abel, Harvey, and producer Pressman, by columnist "Waldo Lydecker". Not everyone "gets it"!
Julian Schnabel interview - 1992 Julian Schnabel interviews Zoë Lund, Harvey Keitel, and Abel Ferrara about Bad Lieutenant
The Tech - MIT - 1993 "Bad Lieutenant examines debasement of the soul" by Chairman Douglas D. Keller
Abel Ferrara interview - Mondo Video Abel discusses Bad Lt. and other films