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Issue No. 22, September-October 2002
editorial for Issue 22

Topics In This Issue

Australian Women    Barbara Loden and Wanda    Barbara Steele and cinema    Interviews    Baise-moi: Two Takes    Special Dossier: Zoë Lund    Max Ophuls    Nina Menkes    Leslie Thornton    Filmmaker profiles    Swiss Women    Sound, cinema and woman    Female glamour and star power    Book Review    Film Festivals    CTEQ Annotations

Special Dossier: Zoë Lund

Editor: Adrian Martin  Editorial Assistant: Grant McDonald

Zoë Lund (1962-1999), formerly Tamerlis, is an icon of the New York underground, best known for her participation in two Abel Ferrara classics: Ms .45 (1981), in which she stars, and Bad Lieutenant (1992), which she wrote and appeared in. Yet Zoë Lund's remarkable life as an artist and activist covers many extraordinary projects, and offers the embodiment of a radical philosophy. This final Special Dossier looks at Lund's writing (screenplays and essays), her involvement with political and experimental cinema, and the films with which she was variously involved throughout the '80s and '90s, including the short she directed, Hot Ticket (1993).


Zoë Lund in The Houseguest
Zoë Lund in The Houseguest
Introduction: Reflections on Zoë Lund by Robert Lund

The Ship with Eight Sails (and Fifty Black Cannons) by Zoë Lund

"I Had To Do It In My Life As Well As In The Film": An Interview with Zoë Lund by Nicole Brenez and Agathe Dreyfus

Ms .45: Angel, Femme Fatale, Seamstress by Sophie Charlin     French     English

Free Will and Testament (screenplay excerpt) by Zoë Lund

The Zoë Lund Cinematheque: short essays on six films on which Zoë Lund variously worked as actor, writer or director.

Ms .45 by Ron Pettersson

Special Effects by Adrian Martin

The Houseguest by Sophie Charlin

Exquisite Corpses by Brad Stevens

Bad Lieutenant by Ron Pettersson

Hot Ticket by Nicole Brenez

Zoë Lund in a publicity still for Ms .45
Zoë Lund in a publicity still for Ms .45