Selected Writings

Some of the following are from documents stored on computer disk files; others have been transcribed from early typewritten documents found in storage. There are also about 15 unproduced screenplays not posted here, and a novel ("490") awaiting publication.
Poems, Short Pieces From papers found among Zoë's belongings.
Needle Exchange OpEd A 1991 letter to the NY Times OpEd page on Needle Exchange programs.

The Ship with Eight Sails

Navire aux Huit Voiles

A 1993 essay relating Ms.45, Bad Lieutenant, and Pirate Jenny of Three-Penny Opera to feminist politics.

French translation by Jean Ferdinand.

MOBILES A set of seven short stories, a downtown NYC night time saga.
"GIA" - sample monologue Written in preparation for work on screenplay for GIA (1997)
Julian Schnabel
House & Gardens - Oct. 1992
An article entitled Julian Schnabel's Velvet Touch, a tour of the artist's home in words and photos.
"Bienvenue à Loisaida" -
The Book of Bags
Letter written to French publisher Éditions Lézards proposing a book containing images of heroin bag art and street stories (1998).

Bad Lieutenant:

The Screenplay Zoë describes the development of the script for the film.
The Vampire Speech A monologue improvised by Zoë during an on-screen nod. (Includes audio of Zoë's monologue from Bad Lt.)
The Nun's Confession The nun repents for having shown no love for her forgiven rapists.
Works in progress, 1996 Zoë describes several screenplays in development in July 1996 interview.
Free Will & Testament Zoë's master screenplay, begun as CURFEW:USA with Edouard De Laurot.
"490" - A 400-page unpublished novel:
"490" Book I - Synopsis A synopsis of Book I of the 490 Trilogy, written by Zoë in 1992
"490" - Chap.10 From the novel "490", events on W. 11th St. and the "working bear"
About the Author Summary of works, personal bio (1992); accompanied the novel "490".

All written works are Copyright Zoë Lund [Robert Lund]