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Press Highlights - Film Reviews Prepared by Zoë, September 1997
Film Comment - Sept/Oct 2003 "Zoë Lund - Fallen Angel" - an intimate portrait by Kristin M. Jones
Senses of Cinema #22 - Fall 2002 Special Dossier on Zoë Lund - several articles, excerpts of her works.
"Freedom High" by Nicole Brenez (French) Analysis of Zoë's short film "Hot Ticket" made at 1993 Rotterdam Film Festival; for publication (in English) in Senses of Cinema No. 22.
Abel Ferrara Interview - Sex & Guts 6/03 Abel tells Sex & Guts Magazine Online a number of tales about Zoë and others with whom he's worked, the truth remaining typically elusive.
Abel Ferrara interview - The Onion 11/02 In this excerpt, Abel speaks very highly of Zoë.
Abel Ferrara interview - Index Magazine 2002 Abel embellishes and fabricates many facts of Zoë's life in this otherwise fascinating interview.

NY Press - Abel Ferrara article

RL Letter pointing out Zoë

The NY Press July 3, 2002 featured a cover story on Abel Ferrara. Noting that it omitted any mention of Zoë Lund and her contribution to his career, R. Lund wrote a letter which was printed the following week.
Abel Ferrara Interview - IFQ 2001 Ferrara speaks incredibly poorly of Zoë now that she's gone; rebuttal by Robert Lund is included on her behalf.
Balthazar Film Festival & magazine - Paris FR, Spring 2002 Zoë was featured at Balthazar Film Festival and in Balthazar magazine No. 5; including notes by Richard Hell.

Interview by Zone Fontière - Part 1
(English translation)

Zoë interviewed by Nicole Brenez and Agathe Dreyfus at Anthology Film Archives, July 30, 1996. (Merçi to Nicole Brenez of Cinémathèque Française for providing copy and Brad Stevens for translations.)

Interview by Zone Fontière - Part 2
(English translation)

Soho News - 1981 Interview First interview by Stephen Saban, who wrote of Zoë often during the 1980s, in The Soho News, May 27, 1981.
DETAILS Magazine - May 1984 Two brief items on Zoë by Stephen Saban, circa her appearance in Special Effects.
DETAILS Magazine - Sept. 1984
MANHATTAN magazine - 1985 Feature article and interview, with fashion pictures
The Daily Times (Westchester) - 1981 An article on the newly-famous hometown girl, with many details of Zoë's early life. The secrecy shrouding Z's life with Edouard is evident in her included remarks.
Review of this web site by Italian film critic Alberto Pezzotta, appearing in Milano's Corriere della Sera Sept. 9, 2001
Curfew:USA Early film collaboration with Yves DeLaurot
Ms. 45 in the Press  
Bad Lieutenant in the Press