Writing Résumé - Sept. 1997

(working title)
Cine L'Mod Productions . Commissioned original screenplay.
1996-7 "CHRONICLE"
(working title)
Original screenplay. Feature film by Z. Lund; comprises footage shot in '50's-60's-70's by Edouard de Laurot, edited by Z. Lund & Julius Ziz. Rough cut presented at Cinémathèque, Paris, Feb., '97, by Z. Lund.
1996 "BULL" Commissioned original screenplay. Story by Z. Lund & Julius Ziz; to be directed by Mr. Ziz, Summer 1997. Z. Lund will act female lead.
1995 "SEXPIONAGE" Commissioned original screenplay, now owned by Zinc Productions.
1994 "THE VIRILITY FACTOR" Hyena Films, Hamburg: Commissioned screenplay, loosely based on novel by Robert Merle; in pre-production, to be directed by Monika Treut.
1994 "FRAT" Commissioned original screenplay.
1994 "SLEEPING DOGS LIE" Cowboy Films, Ltd.: Commissioned original screenplay.
1993 "HOT TICKET" Original short film starring, written & directed by Z. Lund; screened at Rotterdam '94 and other important Int'l Film Festivals
1993 "PASSION" (working title) True Colour Films, Ltd.: Commissioned re-write of an original screenplay by Sidney Long, inspired by Flaubert's "Madame Bovary".
1993 "NEW ROSE HOTEL" Pressman Films: Commissioned adaptation of William Gibson short story. Pressman is currently interviewing directors for production in 1996.
1993 "HITTING HOME" Zinc Productions: Original screenplay.
1993 "SURRENDER" Capstone Pictures: Co-writer of a commissioned original screenplay.
Co-produced by Michael Scording & Oliver Stone.
1993 "JAILBIRD" Stella Maris Inc.: Commissioned original screenplay for Julian Schnabel.
"FREE WILL & TESTAMENT" Zinc Productions: Original screenplay. Rewrite: 1996
1991 "BAD LIEUTENANT" Union Films: Commissioned original screenplay. Starring: Harvey Keitel. Co-Starring Z. Lund. Dir. Abel Ferrara. Distr. Aries Films. Produced: 11/92. Keitel wins "Independent Spirit Award", 1993.
1991 "CRACKDOWN" ABC [TV]: Commissioned docu-dramatic series pilot. Concerning exemplary FBI cases. Teleplay produced: 5/91. Dir: A. Ferrara.
1989-90 "The John Holmes Story" Mypenrye Productions: Commissioned original screenplay. John Holmes to be played by Christopher Walken.
1989 "THE LAST NIGHT OF SUMMER" Vestron Films Int'l: Commissioned adaptation of Erskine Caldwell novel.
1987 "CURFEW: USA" Zinc Productions: Original screenplay.
1986 "THE INNOCENT'S TRIBUNAL" Zinc Productions: Original screenplay. Short feature produced on video: 7/86.
Dir.: Z. Lund.
1997 "A NEW YORK BAG" (working title) Editions Lézard, Paris; to be published 1998.
Social and artistic revelation of never-before-seen NYC sub-culture. 30 fiction & non-fiction vignettes and short stories, 2 political/artistic essays. Many illustrations - photographs of elements from author's uniques collection of relevant materials.
1996-97 "ADIEU, LUCY" ["PASCIN"]
(by André Bay, translation by Z. Lund)
Translation to English from the French. Novel concerns true story of the early Twentieth Century painter, Pascin.
1991-96 "490"
Book One: First Draft: '91-92. Rewrite: '95-'96
Books Two and Three are in progress.
Novel. (A Trilogy. Book One is complete. Books Two and Three are in progress; detailed synopses available. Projected completion: 1997.)
1995-97 "CRUSADER'S SQUARE" Short Story Collection. In progress.
1991 "MOBILES" Novella.
1986-88 "CURFEW: USA" Novel. (Screenplay version, above.)
1985-97 VARIOUS MAGAZINE ARTICLES For: "Details", "House & Garden", "Zat", "Admiranda", others in Europe and USA.