70 x 7
("The Vampire Speech")

an excerpt from
the motion picture

Bad Lieutenant
written by
Zoë Lund

Bad LT:    Harvey Keitel
The Junkie:    Zoë Lund

© 1991 Zoë Lund

The passage is drawn from what would be, approximately, Scene 35. The author is uncertain of the exact scene number, as she does not possess, and is not aware of the existence of a final, complete version of the screenplay. This is due to the fact that she created many new scenes, characters, and passages on-set, and these were given directly to the script mistress, director, and actors. These loose pages were formally integrated only in the author's mind, and on-screen. This text is one of these last-minute additions. The Junkie is portrayed by the author of Bad Lieutenant, Zoë Lund.

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INT: Very Late Night - The Junkie's Home

The Junkie shoots up a strong fix of heroin, and sinks into a voluptuous swoon. Before she can nod out, LT conveys his own tacit need. Following a routine well known to both of them, The Junkie now makes a dose for LT. She shoots him up.


      You have beautiful veins...

LT nods out. THE JUNKIE speaks into his trance. Her words conjure a NOD MONTAGE: Dream images of THE NUN lying cross, and of a bloody JESUS. The Passion.


Vampires have it easy.
They feed on others.
We have to feed on ourselves.
We have to eat our legs,
To have the energy to walk.
We have to come, in order to go.
We have to suck ourselves off.
We have to eat away at ourselves
'Til there's nothing left
But appetite.

We have to give, and give, and give crazy!
'Cause a gift that makes sense
Ain't worth it.

Jesus said, "Seventy Times Seven".

They'll never understand why you did it.
They'll just forget about you tomorrow.
But you gotta do it.

THE JUNKIE'S speech propels LT onward, and finally, out into the dawn. LT still hears THE JUNKIE as we first see him driving his car toward an essential rendez-vous at the desecrated CHURCH/CONVENT. ORGAN MUSIC rises. THE JUNKIE'S monologue ends as, from this NOD MONTAGE, we -



Sound Clip

The monologue as spoken by Zoë in Bad Lt. follows the above script fairly closely. Her voice conveys the fact that it arose from within an actual nod.